Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wedding Recap: Bridesmaid Kindergarten Teacher Shares Her Birthday With Us

We had our wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner two days before our wedding, on a cold day in February that just so happened to be my beautiful Bridesmaid Kindergarten Teacher’s 23rd birthday.  It was so sweet of her to share her one day of the year that’s all about her (that’s still the case with birthdays, right?) with us!

Our (maybe excessively) large bridal party, our parents, Handsome Husband’s grandparents, and our two eloquent ceremony readers (Aunt Delaware and HH’s close friend, Youtube Star) met us at Coyote Hills Golf Course, where we rehearsed the ceremony and got increasingly anxious.

After the rehearsal, Mother-in-Law Red hosted a fabulous BBQ dinner at Dave & Buster’s. 

(MIL Red and I, exciting for the wedding just days away!)

Handsome Husband gave embroidered monogrammed duffle bags to his Groomsmen,

(From L-R: Groomsmen Concussion, Handsome Husband, Best Man Dodger, Brother AG, 
Cousin Ronomon, Groomsman Ken, and Dr. Groomsman) 

and I gave my Bridesmaids some gifts I spent lots of time and thought putting together (and hope they loved them as much as I did!).

(From L-R: Bridesmaid Swagger, Bridesmaid Cute Apartment, 
Maid of Honor Fashionista, Sister Singer, Me, Sister Swimmer, 
Bridesmaid Kindergarten Teacher, and Bridesmaid Does it All)

After thanking our friends and families and an awesome dinner, we continued the celebration with games – namely hogging the trivia game for an absurd amount of time.

(Cute Apartment, Fashionista, Me, GM Ken, and Does it All play trivia 
while Cousin Ronomon watches on)

(Bridesmaid Does it All and Bridesmaid Swagger give DDR a go)

(Handsome Husband and Best Man Dodger shoot some hoops)

After sufficiently exhausting our funds (thanks again, MIL Red!), we redeemed our tickets, and HH and I basked in the love we felt surrounded by all of our friends, 2 days before we vowed to love one another for the rest of our lives.

I love thinking about our wedding and all the fun events leading up to it.  When we got engaged, I knew I wanted to make our wedding more than a one-night event.  I wanted a celebration, and I wanted an excuse to get Handsome Husband and my favorite people together; a wedding and the events surrounding it really bring people in your life together in a way no other time does.  People from all of the paths of life you’ve taken to get to where you are now come together and somehow blend into this fantastic weave of love and friendship and past and present and more excitingly – future.

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