Monday, March 26, 2012

The Hunt to Homeownership: Our First Big Disappointment

Last time I told y'all about how we have really taken the leap, and begun our condo hunt.  I also shared how it feels like we are drowning in short sales.
Well, it only took us one weekend of house hunting to get our first big disappointment.
Here's what happened:
We decided to go looking on a Saturday, and see as many places as possible in the teensy little town that we have decided is our number one place we'd like to end up in.
We had actually seen one of the units the weekend before and saw it again with our real estate agent that day, along with several other units.
We saw some that were okay, some that were not going to happen, and we were leaning towards the one that we had actually already seen at an open house as the end of the day neared.
On our way to the last condo we were seeing of the day, I turned to the Hubs and said "This could be the one" and he said, "Yup, maybe it'll be a game changer."
And wouldn't you know it?  It was. 

We pulled up in by far the cutest neighborhood of the town that we so badly want to end up in.  A little neighborhood full of condos with white picket fences, big charming patios, and jasmine planted along the walkways.  It was perfect.

Not the actual neighborhood we saw.

After seeing the inside of the condo, we were sold.  This was the place for us.  Everyone told us not to get our hopes up, that is such a hard time to buy right now in the short sale market, that is could be months before we heard back.  So we tried not to get our hopes up, but they were floating all on their own.

Well, apparently we weren't the only ones who fell in love with that little condo.
Because the owners of that home got three offers that weekend.
And the one they took? 
Not ours.

Next time I'll tell you guys how this story takes a funny little turn, and how this home-buying business is a real bitch rollercoaster ride.


Joey said...

Ugh so sorry it didn't work out :( My heart breaks for you. We're not buying, but in the "waiting" game too. We fell in love with a house that is ALL OURS if our current landlord agrees to let us go early. Hoping for you that something even BETTER comes along!

2 Frogs and a Princess said...

That is so hard! I am a real estate agent and it is hard for me to see people get their hopes up and miss out. Better luck for you next time! The perfect one is out there for you!

Wiz said...

I have heard this story over and over and it happened to us too! But almost EVERYONE who loses out on the "one", ends up finding a more perfect house later. When we lost out on the house i thought was meant for us last summer I was devastated! But then we found the house we are in now, and its so true. I am so glad that we didnt get the first house. Everything happens for a reason! Good luck!

I am Megan said...

I know how disappointing it can get to put an offer in and to hear that you didn't make it. I went through a few of those last year myself.

But if it was meant to be...

Vinyl Fences said...

You are lucky to have such pretty views from your windows. Beautiful blooms in a beautiful setting.

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Michael Holmes said...

If the actual neighborhood you saw is as charming that one in the photo, then I wouldn’t wonder why you’re instantly hooked to it, and that you weren’t the only ones for that matter. Also, the white picket fences are quite lovely. If ever that roller coaster of house hunting didn’t work out for you, then you might want consider building a house of your own with white picket fences wrapping around it, hopefully with an equally-nice neighborhood to match.

Michael Holmes @ Saddleview Fence Corp.

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