Friday, March 30, 2012

{Why We Blog} Week: Why Kathy Blogs

Hi everyone. My name is Kathy and I blog at That's What She Said and That's What She ReadI'm a nerd and proud of it (DFTBA!). Harry Potter is my biggest obsession. I've always wanted to work with animals. I like reading, video games, and tv. I am married to a wonderful man, and we have the greatest dog in the whole world. Oh, and I am ridiculously obsessed with Penguins. I've even been to Antarctica to see them.


I started blogging on That's What She Said almost a year ago (It was called Life As I Know It way back then). I started the blog to just write about the things I loved and the great times that I had. It was sort like a diary for me and place to share my wonderful life with my Facebook friends and family. But then life stopped being wonderful. A series of horrible events left me with an anxiety disorder, agoraphobia, and panic disorder. I kept this off my blog for a long time because I just wanted my readers to see my happy side all the time.
Eventually I couldn't keep up the charade any more and I shared what had happened to me and that I was in partial hospitalization for it. I was really nervous about posting that post because I thought my readers would abandon me like my real life friends did, but they didn't. Instead they were amazing and encouraging. And that's when I started writing that blog for them. And while I still try to show my happy side most of time, I know that my blogger friends will always be there when I need them.
Some of my favorite blogs to read during this time were book blogs so after completing my task of reading 50 books in 2011, I decided to start one of my own with the goal of a hundred books a year. I write this blog because I love books and I love to share my opinions on them with everyone
Since I am no longer able to work, I have made my online activities into a full-time job for myself. Does it change the way I blog? Not much. I review more books that are given to me for review than the ones I get at the store and I spend more time highlighting my sponsors on That's What She Said. I've also had to take some time away from commenting in order to edit the book I wrote and to work on my Etsy shop. But my blogs are still the two most important things to me, and that will never change.
So I blog for a lot of reasons; for my family, for my blogger friends, for the little bit of money it makes, but most importantly, I blog for me.

 Why We Blog Week
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