Saturday, March 3, 2012

Where Did the Last Two Months Go?

In all the Fabulous Valentine's Challenge commotion, I compltely forgot to post a January recap!  So lucky you, you get to see how the first 2 months of my 2012 have been going all in one post! 

In January...

We started off the new year counting down to 2012 at our local Dueling Piano Bar with Best Friend Cute Apartment and her sweet roommate.  

My Handsome Husband and I ventured up north to big bad Los Angeles to have dinner with our good friend, YouTube Star.

We had a belated gift exchange with our group of local taco-loving friends, The Taco Tuesday Club.

We won some money at the Racetrack when we spent the day there with HH's family.

We warmed the heck out of Kindergarten Teacher and Twin Unicorn's new apartment when we went to their first gathering in their new home.

We got some great quality girls' time when we spent the weekend in Arizona for Girls Weekend 2012.

I got to help Sisters Singer and Swimmer to get all sexified for their last ever Winter Formal.

And in February...

I went to my first-ever blogger meet-up, The SoCal Blogger Meet-up in San Diego.  (I didn't write a recap - bad blogger - but Cute Apartment and Tutor Girl did!)

We went to the first Family Poker Tournament of the Year at Grandma Beach Bum's House, and my Handsome Husband was the big winner!

Friends gathered to watch the Patriots lose (I have a strong dislike for T.Brady) at Kingergarten Teacher and Twin Unicorn's place, and later that night I was just drunk enough to text some friends my SunDrop girl impression.  Won't be sharing those photos.

We went to a Wine and Chocolate festival, somehow managed not to get any chocolate, but had lots of wine, and a great time with our friends.

We went line-dancing after spending way too much time away from our favorite country western saloon.

I pulled off a great surprise when I took HH on a getaway weekend to San Diego.  He thought we were just going down for a little romantic one-on-one time the weekend before our first anniversary, little did he know there would be about 25 friends waiting for us when we walked into the door of the restaurant for dinner!

We went to visit Loyola Law School, one of the schools my incredibly smart Handsome Husband was accepted to and must decide between for his impending law school journey!

We had a wonderful lunch with some of the ladies in HH's family on our anniversary, and I felt so overjoyed and happy to have spent the last year married to the love of my life.

Cheers to March!
Our birthday month, and the beginning of the search for our first home!


Bethany said...

You fit a lot into January and February! My favorite part is when you said you "warmed the heck" out of your friends new apartment... everyone needs friends that will help them do that :) Looks like you have a lot to look forward to in March too!!!

Bethany said...
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Neely said...

Love all the pics! Cant wait to hear about the house hunt :)

Heather said...

Wow you've had an exciting two months!!!

Holly said...

Looks like a fun year so far! I agree that this year has gone ridiculously quickly!

douglasd said...

Love your sissy's ombre hair!

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