Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lots of Link Love: Final LINKUP Edition

Lots of Link Love 

Like Tara, I think it's important to emphasize the importance of community in the blog world and not only focusing on ourselves and our own blogs, but to spread lots of blog love to those who deserve it.  Every other Saturday, I will highlight the posts over the last two weeks that touched me, made me laugh, pulled at my heartstrings, and inspired me. 
When I first started doing Lots of Link Love here at Stress Case (after being so inspired by Tara), I loved the idea of it being a link-up.  Of fellow bloggers coming together to support their peers and friends.  But the realization is that people link up when it's easy, when they have writer's block and want to get a post up.  Quick and fun is what makes a good link up, and Lots of Link Love is fun (at least I think so) but not quick and certainly not easy.  It takes planning and dedication to keep track of your favorite posts, and I just don't think that caught on with others the way it did with me.  And that's fine - not every idea is a good one! 

So, because of that, this will be the last Lots of Link Love LINKUP.  I will continue to do Biweekly Lots of Link Love posts honoring the posts that I love - and I'll keep the button around in hopes you'll share Lots of Link Love with your readers.  I would also love to hear your suggestions for posts that deserve some Link Lovin' via Twitter if you're so inclined!

But for today,
for my last Lots of Link Love Linkup,
join me!

Link up, even if you just mention one blog post you love at the end of your post, even if you have a list of 20, even if you can't link up until Wednesday (the link up will be open all week), join me in supporting your fellow bloggers!

If you've been featured here at Stress Case, or if you're linking up, please use the button above to help spread the link love and enoucrage others all over the blogosphere to join us.

ALSO - Don't forget next week kicks of {Why We Blog} Week here at Stress Case, and I'd love if you came back a week from today on Thursday, April 5th to link up and tell me Why YOU Blog, and make some new blogging buddies!

 Why We Blog Week


Kara said...

I love that we both gave a shout-out to Meg for her color correcting post!

Thanks for the mention, as well. :)

And for the record, I thought this link-up was a great idea, but I understand how you feel about it. I kind of think most people just didn't want to put in the effort, and that sorta sucks. But if you ever start it up again in the future, I'll be ready to link-up!

Miss Southern Prep said...

Thanks so much for the shout-out sweet girl! I think this link-up is a great idea! Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

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