Monday, April 25, 2011

My Biggest Fears: Stairs

Another one of my biggest fears - tripping on the stairs.

I am always insanely nervous that I am going to trip down the stairs.  I have never actually taken a spill down stairs (quite a few trips up the stairs though - is that common?), but I am perpetually petrified of it.

I often start to trip and let of a terrified screech just to find myself entirely upright still.

Knock on wood (but not the stairs) that I will never actually find myself head-first at the bottom of a flight of stairs.

PS - those winding staircases are the SCARIEST of all!


Betty said...

I TOTALLY understand your fear! I am always worried about slipping down the stairs at home, and managed to slip the last three stairs a few weeks ago...managed to bruise my tailbone pretty good too...I only walk the stairs when I'm awake and alert, and I take them one step at a time... :D

Jacque said...

Oh I HATE stairs, LOATHE them. Especially the coming down them part. I fell once on carpeted stairs, missed the last step while I had a glass in my I not only fell on my face in front of other people but I managed to spill the drink in my face as well..aaannd I had carpet burns on my knees. Lol classy right?

Midge said...

Tripping up the stairs is my specialty. I got it from my Dad. Mom still tells him everyday (he trips daily when he gets home from work) "Honey, I forgot to tell you, I raised that step today." Luckily, Dad hasn't hurt himself (yet) but I did fracture my wrist once when I tripped up the basement stairs. *sigh*

Can you tell I like parenthesis too?

FeedYourSoul said...

i just tripped up the stairs. and right after my life flashed before my eyes, instantly thought of you.

Kristin said...

Oh my gosh! I always slip going down stairs for some reason. Like my heel will just hit the step and I'll do a little slide. It's so scary! Plus, if I'm going down a really steep staircase (i.e. The Battle of Bunker Hill Monument in Boston..DON'T do it!), I get super dizzy and have to hold onto the rail and really pay attention to what I'm doing. Glad I'm not the only one!

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