Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Hour

So I’m a day late for happy hour, but not to worry – I’m sippin’ on some Simply Lemonade this afternoon getting ready to drive down to San Diego for a fun weekend!

Handsome Husband and I lived in San Diego, and that is where I went to LVN nursing school and HH got his Bachelor’s.  We made some fabulous friends (a huge majority of which Handsome Husband got to know through soccer). 

We are so excited to get to see some of our favorite people that we haven’t gotten to see much of since we moved away! 

Today, we will get to have dinner and dessert with Twin Oh Yeah and his lovely girlfriend, Future Dr. Babies.  Afterwards, we are hoping to enjoy a real (meaning alcoholic) happy hour at their fun house with some more friends!

Tomorrow, we are having lunch with Nurse Sarcasm, and her husband, Secret Agent.  After that, we will go by and watch some soccer games in the blazing heat, and HH will (inevitably) get sunburned. 

It should be a fun weekend, and although I am very happy HH and I moved back up to Orange County (OC born and raised, what what!), I love that we can down to San Diego so easily to see some of our dear friends!

That’s what I’m thinking about during my own personal afternoon happy hour

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