Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things Thursday: Things That I'm Loving About Handsome Husband Right Now

1. How when I go to bed at an ungodly hour (like, 4 am - seriously I have issues), he wakes up a little bit to kiss me goodnight.

2. How invested (no pun intended) he was in finding out exactly how he should set up his 401K and how it should be divided (btw - 401K?  I feel old.).

3. How I'm his beneficiary on his 401K - still can't quite believe we're married and I'm his wife!

4. How he has been making his own lunch since I've been studying a lot and not complaining (too much).

5. When he sends me emails to say "I love you" throughout the day.

6. How he likes talking about our future plans together.

7. When we talk about baby names - no babies anytime soon, but it's so fun to imagine!

8. How much I'm going to miss him this weekend! (I'm off to the Stagecoach Music Festival Saturday morning with Gardening Mom - Yee Haw!)

9. How hard he works and how he never ever complains about getting up early, or working all day.

10. How much energy he has - the man works all day, goes to the gym nearly daily, and still has the energy to make me laugh for hours before he goes to bed!

Love you, HH!


Holly said...

How absolutely sweet, he certainly adores you. I want a guy to treat me like that!

Carolina said...

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