Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wedding Recap: A 7AM Wake-up Call with 7 of My Favorite Ladies

On the morning of our wedding, we had a very early wake-up call.  Handsome Husband and I had decided to do a first look before the wedding, we had to be on our way to our beautiful wedding venue by noon – and with seven bridesmaids, and mom, and a bride with unusually thick hair that equals starting the day off bright and early.

Bridesmaids Kindergarten Teacher and Does it All were kind enough to run to Starbucks the morning of the wedding – good thing because 7AM is not an hour I see often.

The incredibly talented (and crazy fast!) ladies of Something Blue Stylists showed up and got to work on us right away.

(Sister Swimmer gets her hair did.)

One by one, my bridesmaids went from pretty girls to drop-dead gorgeous!

(Bridesmaid Cute Apartment)

(Maid of Honor Fashionista puts the finishing touches on.)

Then it was my turn, and I truly cannot give enough credit to the fabulous ladies at Something Blue.  Don’t mean to toot my own horn – but I looked HOT!

After we were sufficiently made up, and Mother-in-Law Red had arrived, we took on the task of getting the hottie bridesmaids into their dresses.  The dresses were gorgeous, and I swear they were made for each of these girls’ bodies – they all looked amazing!  Each girl getting into the dress took some time, because the entire back was lace-up.  I think it was around this time that it really started hitting me that I was only hours away from seeing Handsome Husband and walking down the aisle holding onto Hat Dad’s arm.

(Bridesmaid Cute Apartment helps Sister Singer into her dress)

The limo arrived, the butterflies intensified, and we packed our (insane amount) of wedding essentials into the limo.  It’s a good thing we had a huge limo, because with all of us girls and all of our things – we needed the space!

(Cute Apartment and Kindergarten Teacher load the limo)

(Fashionista and I take one of our last pictures together as two single ladies)

(From L-R: Sister Swimmer, Does it All, Cute Apartment, Me, Kindergarten Teacher, 
Sister Singer, Fashionista, and Swagger)

(Sister Swimmer and I)

(Swagger and Fashionista excited to get the day really started)

We started the 50-minute trek to Coyote Hills Golf Course and giggled about how crazy it was that I was about to get MARRIED.  It was so fun spending that time with my bridesmaids, Gardening Mom, and Mother-in-Law Red on the way to the place Handsome Husband and I would tie the knot.  I am so glad we decided to splurge for the limo and all ride together in style (thank you, Garden Mama!).

Next up…the boys get ready, and I get to put on my wedding dress (minor spoiler – it fit!).


Shellsea said...

I love the wedding recap series! You should totally number them. Keep them coming :-)

Jennifer said...

I love all of your wedding posts! I am tying the knot in September!! I was wondering where you got your bridesmaid tote bags from??!

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