Thursday, April 14, 2011

Things Thursdays: Things I Thought About When I Should Have Been Studying Yesterday

1. Will there be another baby boom?

2. How would I look as a blonde, AND do they have more fun?

3. Why are rhinestones not more prevalent in everyday life?

4. Will the US ever switch to the metric system?

5. What is it like to be older?

6. When will there be a woman president, and who will it be?  AND is she born yet?

7. Will I ever get to be BFFs with a celebrity?

8. Who or what was I in another life?

9. Will the current recession be in history books like The Great Depression?

10. Why is pink not a common vehicle color?

1 comment:

Shellsea said...

4. That would be cool. I actually taught it 4th grade. It's part of the curriculum.

5. The same.

10. Because cool people drive green cars. duh.

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