Thursday, April 21, 2011

Things Thursday: Things I'm Looking Forward to This Weekend

1. Short day at work - Thank you, Good Friday!

2. C25K with Tutor Girl - how crazy is it that I'm looking forward to working out?

3. Celebrating Best Friend Swagger's 23rd Birthday in LA with lots of friends!

4. Sweet lunch time coffee with Kindergarten Teacher.

5. Trying to finally finish (who am I kidding? START) my thank you notes from my wedding.

6. Starting to tackle the disaster that is my bedroom.

7. Easter Sunday - Lil C's first Easter, so glad we will get to spend it with him!

8. Homework and studying...maybe not so much looking forward to this one.

1 comment:

Shellsea said...

Love this "Things Thursday"! I'm so excited for this weekend and Little C's first Easter. So excited that the Easter Bunny will be stopping by our house. Working out is good too, but getting hard! Excited for the 5k though. ;-)

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