Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wedding Recap: The Boys Get Ready For the Big Day

The night before our wedding, Handsome Husband and I went the traditional route and slept separately.  I stayed at home in the bedroom I grew up in, with some of my bridesmaids sleeping scattered around my house, while HH and some of his buddies stayed in a hotel close to our wedding venue.

Though I wasn’t there, from what I hear the morning went pretty smooth for the men (save for Groomsmen Ken Doll being a bit late, but that was to be expected).  And lucky boys – their wake-up call was a few hours later than ours!

The boys went to breakfast (at IHOP, where I heard HH got sang Happy Birthday to?), and then lounged until it was time to suit-up (tux-up?) and hop in the limo downstairs.

(Handsome Husband excited to be getting ready for the big day!)

(Groomsmen Music helps HH get his suspenders straight)

(Groomsman Concussion, Brother AG, and Handsome Husband smile on 
the elevator ride down to catch the limo)

The guys took one last picture before getting in the limo, and spending a few minutes idling while our photographer set up the perfect moment for HH and I to see each other for the first time!

(From L-R: Dr. Groomsman, GM Concussion, Cousin Ronomon, Brother AG, 
Handsome Husband, GM Music, Best Man Dodger, and GM Ken Doll)

Next you'll get to see me finally get into my wedding dress, and the moment Handsome Husband and I saw each other for this first time on our wedding day - and I finally get to showcase our beautiful pictures from our amazing photographer, D2 Photography Studio.

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